Snapchat announced the launch of its artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot, My AI, in February. Powered by OpenAI’s GPT technology, chatbot is pinned to the chat tab above the conversations. It also made the feature free for all users last week, besides adding improvements.

My AI, however, has garnered negative user reviews. Snapchat has been review-bombed with 1-star ratings after the chatbot’s release.

Over the past week, Snapchat’s average U.S. App Store review was 1.67, with 75 per cent of reviews being one-star, according to data from Sensor Tower, an app intelligence firm. Across Q1 2023, the Snapchat average U.S. App Store review was 3.05, with only 35 per cent of reviews being one-star.

Snapchat users also took to Twitter to express their greivances with My AI. One user pointed out that the chatbot, despite knowing the McDonald’s closest to them, claimed to not know their location.

To make matters worse, only Snapchat+ users will be able to unpin or remove My AI from their Chat feed. Subscribers were also given early access to the feature.

Snapchat is yet to respond to the negative reviews.