YouTube has announced Creator Music, a marketplace open to all YouTube Partner Program participants in the US.

The ability, first introduced in September 2022, will provide access to a catalog of songs for creators. TechCrunch reported that creators can choose tracks offering revenue-sharing options, in addition to being able to purchase licenses.

With the launch of Creator Music, creators can search for songs on an online dashboard or browse by collections, genres, or moods, and check the associated licensing costs. It also allows creators to search for tracks based on a budget they have set for their project.

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TechCrunch reported that creators can choose to either buy a license for a track or opt into a rev share agreement. On purchase, they can immediately download the song to add to their video while editing.

Otherwise, they can choose a track with the rev share option.

As per reports, the service does not replace YouTube’s existing audio library for free tracks. To view them, creators have to set the price filter to $0 when searching across Creator Music.

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