Even as no clear indication emerges on the time frame by which tech spends are expected to come back, top IT firm Tata Consultancy Serivces indicates that generative AI can open frontiers for new demand. On Friday, Tata Consultancy Services launched a new AI platform, TCS AI Wisdom Next. The platform is an aggregation of multiple generative AI services on a single interface to enable enterprises to adopt AI at scale. At the press event, TCS leadership indicated that investment into generative AI needs to be part of every organisation’s playbook especially as they are embattling limited funds for tech spends. 

Speaking to businessline on the sidelines of the event, Nidhi Srivastava, Vice-President and Global Head of AI.Cloud Offerings at Tata Consultancy Services, said there are opportunities of new demand through AI even as tech spends remain muted. “At a time when you have muted budgets, there are costs and operations problems which can be solved through AI. If you have a muted budget, you can look into a coding assistant to do the same work without potentially hiring more workers. We are seeing a lot of new use cases for assistant augment type of AI solutions even now.”

TCS’ Wisdom AI platform, which was also mentioned by the  Tata Group Chairman, N Chandrasekaran at the company’s annual general meeting in May is associated with a hundred or so projects at present according to the leadership. This platform which was launched formally on Friday, has partnered with all the major hyperscalers to offer their solutions to enterprises. 

Siva Ganesan, Head, AI.Cloud Unit, TCS, said, “TCS AI WisdomNext helps our customers take advantage of GenAI to unlock the full potential of their data, drive greater business innovation and efficiency, and gain a competitive edge. Customers appreciate the newly launched platform’s ability to help navigate a diverse and quickly evolving AI marketplace and rapidly compose ‘art-of-the-possible’ solutions. We are solving business problems and helping our customers redefine what it means to harness the power of GenAI. The rapid adoption of GenAI and experiencing what it means in terms of business outcomes is something our customers find very exciting.”