PeepalCo’s investment app, Lemonn, has launched an Initial Public Offering (IPO) feature for its users. The company claims the feature is designed with a simple user interface and powered by data-driven insights, enabling investors to apply for upcoming IPOs in fewer steps.

The IPO feature allows users to make investment decisions through IPO analytics by tracking information on previous IPOs in the same sector and reviewing historical performance. Users can also check the subscription rate to gauge the demand.

Lemonn is offering a life-time free account with no account opening charges and no annual maintenance charges, while the zero-trading brokerage will be applicable for one year for all users.

Devam Sardana, Business Head at Lemonn, said, “The IPO market has been buoyant over the past couple of years, and these are exciting times with many interesting IPOs planned in line with India’s strong economic fundamentals. The launch of the IPO feature will enable our users to be a part of the growth stories of exciting new companies. With Lemonn, we are not only helping our users diversify their portfolios but will also empower them to become active and informed investors in India’s future.”

Lemonn is an investment app that was launched by PeepalCo earlier this year. The app is designed to simplify the process of discovery and decision-making for new investors and experienced investors, offering easy access to investments in stocks and mutual funds.