April 30, 2023, was a historic day for Indian cricket. The match between Rajasthan Royals and Mumbai Indians was the 1,000th match since the Indian Premier League started in 2008.

The tournament, which was launched sixteen years ago, has seen many innovations like the strategic time out or the “Impact player” substitute. Why, even the stumps used are LED ones, where the bails light up when a batsman is bowled or stumped, not to mention the stump camera. It makes the game exciting to watch on TV. Also, brands seek out top teams to partner and promote their products and services. The next step for teams is to go the whole hog in merchandising IPL ware.

In this podcast, businessline’s Senior Associate Editor, Vinay Kamath, talks to Shiv Shivakumar, Operating Partner at private equity firm, Advent International, and Sundar Raman, consultant to CSK, promoter of SA 20 and who works at the confluence of sports and tech, to understand how the tournament evolved over the years and the marketing and branding strategies that have made the tournament what it is.

Listen in now!

(Host: Vinay Kamath, Producers: Jayapriyanka J, V Nivedita)


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