Podcast | Trump versus Biden: Who is better for India?

V Nivedita | Updated on September 19, 2020 Published on September 18, 2020

Hello and welcome to the latest episode of the Race to the White House.

In this two-part interview with Suhasini Haidar, National Editor and Diplomatic Affairs Editor, The Hindu, we discuss what another Trump term or a new Biden administration could mean for India. and South Asia.

In Part 1, We know that both US president Donald Trump and his opponent Joe Biden are looking to draw the Indian American community to widen their bases. We analyse Kalama Harris can help Biden win. We also look into the  relationship both candidates have with India and how how the US' foreign policy might change in the post covid world.

In part 2, we discuss a range of topics from the Afghan peace deal to the growing influence of China in South Asia. So, be sure to  tune in next week.

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Published on September 18, 2020