Apollo Clinic has joined hands with Mapmygenome to launch genomics-based healthcare at its centres.

“With Mapmygenome on board, Apollo Clinic has added an entirely new dimension to preventive healthcare,” Anand Wasker, COO, Apollo Clinic said in a release.

“The partnership comes at a crucial time when better prevention and personalised medicine is the need of the hour,” Anu Acharya, CEO, Mapmygenome said.

As part of the collaboration, patients can be offered different tests. Genomepatri and Genomepatri Lite include genetic risk assessment of health risks which affect Covid-19 severity and immunity.

Heritage is the first DNA ancestry test, which offers ethnicity mapping for the Indian population.

The tests are powered by Mapmygenome and can be done on buccal swab (noninvasive) or blood samples of the patients.