With Artificial Intelligence penetration in advertising, the industry is backing on the integration of technology and using Emotional intelligence (EI) to redefine itself.

On the first day of Goafest 2023, advertising experts discussed the future of creativity and how humans will add value to future technologies.

The session moderated by Rohit Ohri Chairman & CEO - FCB Ulka and had Anusha Shetty - Chairperson & Group CEO - Grey Group India, Josy Paul - Chairman & Group CCO - BBDO, T Gangadhar, Co-Founder and Group CEO Quotient Ventures, and Dheeraj Sinha - CEO & Chairman - Leo Burnett & BBH as panelists deliberated on where creativity was headed.

Unique Perspectives matter

“I have been through four generations of technology; print, television, internet, and then social media, and I have embraced them all,” said Ohri. Adding, “There is so much noise around AI and new technology but what makes it unique is not AI but EI - Emotional intelligence that makes the AI look good. As it gets more democratised what changes is the unique perspective.”

On the AI versus human debate, Gangadhar made the observation, “It’s not man v/s machine, it is man with machine. You need technology to run your data but you need a human mind to add value to it.”

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Dheeraj Sinha stressed that this was the best time to be in the business. “Creativity is the power to solve problems for business and by adding layers of data and technology to that the possibility is limitless.”

Era of collaborations

The panelists felt that to survive in the industry agencies should change their operating structure and go ahead with collaborations.

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“The future structure for an advertising agency needs to be extremely fluid because if you knew what the future is going to look like you would not have a structure again,” said Shetty. Adding, “It is required to have a fluid system and you need to encourage an open structure system. I see a lean and horizontal structure. At this point, the solution can only come from collaborations.”