Cochin Shipyard Ltd has signed a contract for building six Next Generation Missile Vessels (NGMV) for Indian Navy at a cost of ₹9,805 crore.

The delivery of ships is scheduled to commence from March 2027. The NGMVs would be heavily armed war vessels incorporating stealth, high speed and offensive capability.

This marks CSL’s entry into advanced weapon intense platforms. The primary role of the ships would be to provide offensive capability against enemy warship, merchantmen and land targets.

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Maritime strike operations

These ships will be capable of conducting Maritime Strike Operations, Anti Surface Warfare Operations and would be a potent instrument of sea denial for enemy ships especially at choke points.

In defensive role, these ships would be employed for local naval defence operations and seaward defence of Offshore Development Area.

“At the backdrop of successfully delivering country’s first indigenous aircraft carrier we are keen on taking up the construction of NGMVs and serve the country” said Madhu S Nair, CMD, CSL.

The project is expected to create several man hours of job as well as a major boost for MSME sector and India’s goal to achieve ‘Atmanirbharatha’.

In addition, CSL is also building eight Anti Submarine Warfare Shallow Water Crafts for the Indian Navy and these vessels are under various stages of construction at the yard.