Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi had a candid discussion about the success drivers for the nation’s growth at a session organised for the members of the All India Management Association.

Speaking about Vibrant Gujarat, Modi said: “Vibrant Gujarat 2011 was the Indian Davos, and had a response from 19 Indian states, 112 countries and 20 global political leaders. We feel proud to have created the Davos momentum in India.’’

Stating that the nation should strengthen the skill development for overall growth, Modi advised participants to set up and efficiently utilise the latest technologies for effective governance. He also urged the members to adopt an out-of-the-box thinking to achieve sustainable success.

Commenting on increasing the growth rate of India, he said, ``In order to achieve a double figure growth rate for the nation, we need to strengthen the agricultural, manufacturing and service sectors that act as three pillars of the Indian economy.''

Rajiv Vastupal, President of AIMA, said: “Attracting investments of around Rs 16.28 lakh crore, Gujarat alone has bagged more than 13 per cent of investments nationwide. With an emphasis on creating economic opportunities, Gujarat has not only maintained a tremendous GDP growth rate, but also reduced the unemployment rate to 1.3 per cent.’’