The Congress alleged on Friday that the Centre is yet to fulfill the promise that stated vaccines will be made available to States. The party also demanded answer from the Centre on the controversy over the contract with Brazil on export of Covaxin.

Through Twitter, senior leader Rahul Gandhi questioned, where are the vaccines. “July is here, but vaccines are not here,” he said.

Questions on export deals

Congress spokesperson Supriya Shrinate said a little over six crore Indians have been fully vaccinated. She said Indians have the first right on vaccines being made and manufactured here and the government needs to answer the question of how some export deals still continue.

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“How our own vaccines are at the centre of huge controversy and I will now refer to Bharat Biotech and ICMR’s Covaxin, which finds itself in the middle of a storm in Brazil, the $320 million contract for 20 million doses, two crore doses has been suspended in on likelihood, we are perhaps staring at a cancellation of the contract, the Parliament senate is probing into this, two criminal investigative agencies are now probing into this and the taint comes all the way to ICMR also because it is a co-developer of the vaccine, it is not just Bharat Biotech, which is a private entity,” she said.

Shrinate said the Congress will raise questions as public fund was diverted for the development of Covaxin. “What has happened with that money and why is the Government conspicuously silent on it?” she asked.

She said the Centre must also probe the nature of relationship between Bharat Biotech and Madison Biotech.

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