Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella told LinkedIn CEO Ryan Roslansky, in a conversation, that he never thought of becoming a CEO at Microsoft after having joined the company in 1992 as a young engineer. 

“I remember distinctly walking into building 22 at Microsoft thinking that is the greatest job on Earth I have, and I don’t need anything more,” Nadella said. 

In his three decades at Microsoft, Nadella has worked on various exciting and innovative projects, Roslansky, who shared the interview experience on LinkedIn, said. 

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“There was never a time where I thought the job I was doing, all through my 30 years of Microsoft, that somehow I was doing that as a way to some other job,” Nadella said.

Nadella said to not perceive the current job as a hindrance, but as an opportunity and an ability to learn. “Don’t wait for your next job to do your best work,” he said. 

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