Apple CEO Tim Cook’s trip to New Delhi is not only about meeting Prime Minister Narendra Modi, his Cabinet colleagues and inaugurating the retail store but also soaking in the street culture and popular art. The top boss of Apple got busy Indian-ising the Apple experience.

Cook admired murals in the capital’s Lodhi Art District and wood carvings of the National Crafts Museum & Hastkala Academy. He connected the Apple brand with street artists and designers. Through a host of pictures strategically released on his Twitter timeline, the Apple boss showcased how the brand’s products are being used to create music, design murals and train athletes in the country.

A day out

Cook arrived in the city on Wednesday ahead of the inauguration of the second company-owned store at Saket. He spent part of his day visiting the Lodhi Art District, which he found to be a “remarkable public space.” “Thank you to Dattaraj Naik for showing me how you design your murals on iPad,” he added.

Next stop was the National Crafts Museum. “I could’ve spent the whole day at the National Crafts Museum & Hastkala Academy. From ancient and vibrant textiles to impossibly intricate wood carvings, it displayed India’s deep — and deeply beautiful — culture of craft,” he tweeted.

Earlier in the day, the CEO visited the Indian School of Design & Innovation and tweeted about how the institution is helping the next generation unlock their full potential. “Thanks for sharing how you create those amazing designs using the iPad!” he posted on Twitter.

Hidden message

The “India experience” was clearly more than a PR exercise. According to brand analysts, it contains significant messaging about what Apple is planning to do in India.

“The various pit stops that the Apple boss has been making during his India visit indicates that the brand wants to become a significant player in the country beyond just smartphones. India presents the most headroom for growth globally and this buzz around his India visit is being leveraged to indicate how much potential the brand sees for all its products in this market,” angel investor and business strategist Lloyd Mathias said.