There is much to explore in wildlife. Nature and her offspring promise plenty of breathtaking moments that many do not have the pleasure of experiencing firsthand.

People get to appreciate Nature through pictures taken by amateurs and enthusiasts alike, and the fascination may egg one on to encourage the pursuit of wildlife photography as a hobby.

Looking through the camera with your finger on the shutter, capturing the moment for eternity, is a unique feeling worth the experience time and again.

Photographing animals in their natural environment is an efficient method of maintaining a record of the species seen and observed. People learn and understand wildlife and conservation better when they get to appreciate the beauty captured through the eye of the photographer, which in turn, enhances interest in ecology and conservation. Increase in ecotourism in National Parks and Sanctuaries has been a big boost for the economy as well.

Photography being an art requires skill, and clicking wildlife is no exception. Though most shots can be done with basic equipment, special types of cameras or lenses are required for certain kinds of shots.

With cameras becoming more and more advanced today, photographers have a wide range to pick from depending on their interest. The camera manufacturing business has accelerated because of the increased demand. Many more people are taking up this profession/hobby, a fact that has pushed companies to improve their inventory to compete in today’s market. The advertising that we see in the various media stands testimony to this.

In a fast ‘modernising’ world where many species are diminishing in numbers to join the ranks of the endangered, in one sense it is photography that is not just recording their images for eternity, but also drawing attention to their present plight, highlighting the pressing need for their safe preservation.

Photography, that is becoming a much sought after vocation in many fields, is holding its own in the wildlife segment, attracting many youngsters. A degree in a related subject like Zoology or Veterinary Medicine will only add value to this interest.

(Archith is a student of BVSc & AH at the Rajiv Gandhi College of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Puducherry.)