Indian Space Research Organisation's PSLV-C35.
Indian Space Research Organisation's PSLV-C35.

PSLV injects SCATSAT-1, seven other satellites into orbit

Our Bureau

PSLV-C35, ISRO's Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle, on Monday successfully launched the 371-kg SCATSAT... »

Now, new skin for burn victims

Press Trust of India

Researchers have developed a novel method that measures the limit to which human skin can be stretc... »

‘Love hormone’ could be the answer to tinnitus

Press Trust of India

Oxytocin, dubbed the “love hormone”, might also help relieve chronic ringing in the ears, known as ... »

ISRO to perform key manoeuvre on Mars Orbiter next year


With the Mars Orbiter Mission completing two years, ISRO today said it will be doing a “major event”... »

Greenland ice melting 7% faster than thought: study

During the last ice age, Greenland’s ice sheet was much larger than now. File Photo


Greenland has lost 2,700 gigatonnes of ice from 2003-2013. »
GENE Science

Sixth sense decoded

Press Trust of India

Scientists have identified a gene which controls specific aspects of human touch and a ‘sixth sense’ that describes awareness of one’s body in space. With the help of two young patients - one nine... »

ISRO to launch SCATSAT, 7 other satellites on Sept 26


Indian Space Research Organisation today said it would launch SCATSAT-1 for ocean and weather related studies and seven co-passenger satellites into polar Sun Synchronous Orbit (SSO) on September 26. »

New Director for DRDO centre

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BHVS Narayana Murthy, an expert in avionics, has been appointed as Director, Research Centre Imarat (RCI), Defence Research Development Organisation (DRDO), Hyderabad. For the last three decades he... »

August 2016 hottest month ever recorded: NASA

August 2016 is the warmest month in 136 years of modern record-keeping.


The record warm August continued a streak of 11 consecutive months dating back to October 2015 »

First Ligo lab outside US to come up in Maharashtra

Press Trust of India

Maharashtra’s Hingoli district has been chosen for carrying out experiments on the ambitious Ligo project that proved existence of gravitational waves, a major breakthrough in science. It would be... »

Zika virus may live in eyes, spread through tears

Press Trust of India

Eyes may be a reservoir for Zika virus, say scientists, including one of Indian origin, who found evidence of the virus in eyes and tears of infected mice, a discovery that raises the possibility tha... »

ISRO to launch advanced weather satellite INSAT-3DR on Sept 8


ISRO is all set to launch the GSLV-F05 carrying advanced weather satellite INSAT-3DR from the spaceport of Sriharikota, about 110 km from here, on September 8. “GSLV-F05/INSAT 3DR mission is sched... »

ISRO ready to strap on private sector for launch power

Jet set go! According to ISRO, launch frequency could not be improved earlier because of the lack of a supply chain

Our Bureau

The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) is making efforts to rope in the private sector to emerge as a major force in small satellite launches.Addressing the 5th edition of Bangalore Space Expo,... »

India test fires Scramjet engine, joins elite club of nations


Joining a select club of nations, India today successfully test fired its futuristic Scramjet Rocket Engine using oxygen from the atmosphere that could cut the cost of the launches several fold and h... »

Predicting brain activity patterns possible: researchers

Press Trust of India

Likely to help those who have problems with producing language, including those who suffer from traumatic cerebral injuries »

Chinese scientists discover molecule to repair organs

NASA set to launch first asteroid sample return mission

New nanomaterial promises 2 GB data speed per second

Need to look ahead and accept technology change to thrive

NASA aims to reduce aircraft fuel use, emissions by 75%

China’s lunar rover Jade Rabbit retires

‘Marsquakes’ may produce enough hydrogen to support life

Press Trust of India

Rocks formed by the grinding together of other rocks during earthquakes are rich in trapped hydrogen, and similar seismic activity on Mars may produce enough hydrogen to support life, a new study has... »

Arctic ice cover reaches second lowest on record


The ice cover in the Arctic may have reached its minimum extent of 4.14 million square kilometres this year — tying at second lowest in record with the 2007 minimum, scientists have found.The record ... »

Dinesh Bharadia wins Marconi Society honour

Dinesh Bharadia

Sangeetha Chengappa

When he came to Stanford to pursue his MS and PhD a few years ago, Dinesh Bharadia, an Electrical Engineering graduate of IIT Kanpur, wanted to solve “an interesting, hard problem” and chose one that ... »

ISRO must brace for more global competition

M Somashekhar

ISRO, which successfully launched the GSLV-F05 on an indigenously built engine today, can bring to the market competitive launch pricing, cheaper payload access to GTO and save on launches for its IN... »

Indigenous cryogenic engine passes litmus test


Powers GSLV to place heavy payload in geostationary transfer orbit »

ISRO commences 29-hr countdown for GSLV-F05 launch

ISRO Chairman Kiran Kumar (file photo)


The 29-hour countdown for the launch of ISRO’s advanced weather satellite INSAT-3DR on board GSLV-F05 commenced at 11.10 hours today, the space agency said.Earlier, the Mission Readiness Review commit... »

Laser-treated printed graphene may lead to paper electronics

Suprem Das holds graphene electronics printed on a sheet of paper. Das and Jonathan Claussen, right, are using lasers to treat the printed graphene electronics. The process improves conductivity and enables flexible, wearable and low-cost electronics.


In an advance that may lead to low-cost paper-based electronics, scientists, including one of Indian origin, have developed a new laser treatment that allows printed graphene circuits to be used even ... »

With Scramjet Engine test, ISRO moves to cut launch cost

Big leap Supersonic Combustion RAM Jet or Scramjet lifts off during its test by ISRO from Sriharikota, off the coast of Andhra Pradesh on Sunday morning. PTI


Joining a select club of nations, India today successfully test fired its futuristic Scramjet Rocket Engine using oxygen from the atmosphere that could cut the cost of the launches several fold and ... »

Now, a low-cost paper card to spot substandard drugs

Press Trust of India

Scientists have developed a simple, inexpensive paper-based device which can identify poor-quality or degraded medications within minutes. The developing world is awash in substandard, degraded or ... »

Caterpillar robots may transport loads in future

Press Trust of India

Scientists develop an automaton that can climb slopes, squeeze through narrow slits »

BARC develops portable kit to detect chromium in water

New software can mimic your handwriting

Autonomous bodies under S&T Department show huge deficits in internal audit targets

DU scientists increase Bt cotton’s resistance to pests

India was part of Antarctica billion years ago

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