Job opportunities for both home-grown and returning researchers in Indian industry are relatively few, as investment in R&D programmes is comparatively low.
Job opportunities for both home-grown and returning researchers in Indian industry are relatively few, as investment in R&D programmes is comparatively low.

R2R Foundation to promote struggling Indian researchers


S Choudhary returned to India last year with a PhD from University of Freiburg in Germany and wa... »

Researchers produce two biofuels from single algae


A common algae commercially grown to make fish food holds promise as a source for both biodiesel... »

NASA 3DV app gives preview of deep space missions

Smartphone and tablet users can experience the excitement of standing on the launch pad beneath NASA’s massive new rocket


NASA has developed a new interactive 3D app that can allow avid space explorers reach the launch... »

NASA's Opportunity rover completes 11 years on Mars

This panorama is the view NASA's Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity gained from the top of the


NASA’s Mars Opportunity rover has celebrated its 11th anniversary on the Red Planet, marking the... »

Smart clothes track health in pregnancy


Moms-to-be, take note! A designer in the US has developed smart maternity clothes that track the... »

A sedentary lifestyle may kill you


People who sit too much every day are at an increased risk of diabetes, heart disease, cancer and shorter life spans, even if they exercise, a new study led by an Indian-origin researcher, has war... »

Scientists find how to unboil eggs


Scientists have invented a way to unboil a hen egg and claim that the new method could dramatically slash costs for cancer treatments and speed up biotechnology research related to proteins. ... »

E coli bacteria may help treat Parkinson’s disease


A protein in E coli bacteria can inhibit the accumulation of potentially toxic amyloids - a hallmark of diseases such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s, scientists have found.Amyloids are form... »

NASA maps layers deep inside Greenland ice sheet


Scientists using ice-penetrating radar data collected by NASA have created the first-ever comprehensive map of layers deep inside the Greenland ice sheet. The new map, developed using dat... »

NASA helicopter to scout for future Mars rovers


NASA is working on a small helicopter that could fly ahead of future Mars rovers, checking out various possible points of interest and helping engineers back on Earth plan the best driving route. »

NASA telescope captures 100-millionth image of Sun

The sun starts 2015 with an enormous coronal hole near the south pole in this handout image captured by the Atmospheric Imaging Assembly (AIA) instrument on NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory, showing the coronal hole as a dark region in the south, on January 1, 2015, provided by NASA.


A telescope aboard a prolific Sun-watching NASA spacecraft has captured its mind-boggling 100 millionth image of the Sun. The Atmospheric Imaging Assembly, or AIA, on NASA’s Solar Dynamic... »

NASA, Microsoft to help scientists virtually explore Mars

New NASA software called OnSight will use holographic computing to overlay visual information and data from the agency's Mars Curiosity Rover into the user's field of view. Holographic computing blends a view of the physical world with computer-generated imagery to create a hybrid of real and virtual.


NASA has teamed up with Microsoft to develop a new software that will enable scientists to work on Mars virtually using a wearable technology. Developed by NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laborator... »

NASA spacecraft beams new images of dwarf planet Ceres

In this image, taken January 13, 2015, the Dawn spacecraft's visible and infrared mapping spectrometer (VIR) captures dwarf planet Ceres from a distance of 238,000 miles (383,000 kilometers) in both visible and infrared light. The infrared image, right, serves as a temperature map of Ceres, where white is warmer and red is colder. Image courtesy: NASA


NASA’s Dawn spacecraft has beamed back a series of new images of the dwarf planet Ceres, showing tantalising detail of the mysterious world’s surface.As Dawn closes in on Ceres, new images... »

Two dwarf planets beyond Pluto in our solar system?


At least two unknown dwarf planets may be hiding in our solar system beyond Pluto, a new study suggests.According to calculations by scientists at the Complutense University of Madrid (UCM,... »

‘Smart’ shoes generate power from walking


Researchers have developed new ’smart’ shoes that harvest power from the simple act of walking.The shoes consist of a “shock harvester” that generates power when the heel strikes the ground... »

3-D facial imaging may help detect autism early

AS Kiran Kumar is new ISRO chief

Crew evacuates U.S. section of space station after leak

Scientists working on cheaper, lighter electric car battery

`India important place to study microbiology’

Statins can reduce heart disease risk in women

Spinal implant could allow paralysed people to walk again

Space tech can play vital role in improving farm output

Virtual reality helps boost memory in stroke patients


Scientists have developed a new treatment which uses a 3D virtual reality environment to improve the memory of stroke patients. Researchers from the University of Canterbury, New Zealand,... »

Beetroot juice boosts exercise capacity of COPD patients


Drinking beetroot juice may improve exercise capacity of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) patients, a new study has claimed.The research by Wake Forest University looked at a sm... »

New app may help parents check child abuse


A new app claims to help parents protect their children from sexual abuse. The SafeParent app created by Jeff Herman, child advocate and attorney for victims of sexual abuse in US, has a qu... »

Do not forget the ‘other’ nuclear

The magnetic coils inside the compact fusion (CF) experiment are critical to plasma containment, as pictured in this undated handout photo provided by Lockheed Martin.

M Ramesh

President Obama’s visit has put the nuclear debate on the centrestage again with implications on big-bucks commerce and energy security. But for the same reason it is useful to take note of the re... »

New implant can lower blood pressure

The new implant will revolutionise the treatment of high blood pressure


A revolutionary paper clip sized implant can significantly lower blood pressure among patients with resistant hypertension, scientists have claimed. The implant, called ‘Coupler’, is inse... »

Stay home and watch TV to curb swine flu spread


How can you avoid catching swine flu? It may be as simple as staying at home and watching TV, scientists say. Simple measures such as staying inside and watching TV can help combat potent... »

Deadly TB strain emerged in China over 6,000 years ago


Scientists have decoded the genome of tuberculosis (TB) bacterium, suggesting that a pernicious family of the strain emerged in China over 6,000 years ago. A study of nearly 5,000 samples... »

New app lets you help the blind see


A new app helps you ‘lend’ your eyes to a visually impaired person and answer their questions over video chat to help them navigate or read a sign. The app Be My Eyes, developed by a Dani... »

Sweet potato leaves rich source of vitamins


Leaves of sweet potato can provide significant amounts of vitamin B6 and other essential vitamins, a new study has found.Sweet potato is known to be a good source of ascorbic acid (vitamin... »

Weightlessness in space causes blood shift in astronauts


Weightlessness in space causes blood to shift from the bottom half of the body to the top which may cause astronauts to experience vision problems some months into spaceflight, scientists say. »

NASA’s Mars rover set to drill into crystal-rich rock

Asteroid to fly by Earth on January 26: NASA

DRDO chief sacked

Ebola vaccine: Deadly virus needs huge investment

ISRO pitches cost-effective fire-proofing technology

New antibiotic kills pathogens without resistance

Daily avocado can cut heart disease risk: study

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