Space-based solar power
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China mulls harvesting solar power from space


China plans to build a huge solar power station 36,000 kilometres above the ground in an attempt... »

It takes 38 minutes to fall through the Earth!

Falling through the Earth


It would only take a person 38 minutes to fall all the way through the centre of the Earth, i... »

ISRO satellite images to help check ‘illegal sand mining’

VK Dadhwal,
Director, NRSC

TE Raja Simhan

The Indian Space Research Organisation will help the Ministry of Environment and Forest u... »

‘Modern science unrecognisable without contribution of Indians’


Asserting that modern science would be unrecognisable without the contributions of ancient India... »

ISRO launches fourth navigation satellite

The PSLV-C27 lifts off successfully from the Satish Dhawan Space Centre in Sriharikota in Andhra Pradesh on Saturday - Photo: TE Raja Simhan

TE Raja Simhan

It was a perfect evening for another successful 'text book' launch of a satellite by Ind... »

Soon, a tricorder to monitor, diagnose health conditions

Amrita Nair-Ghaswalla

Telemedicine, that provides clinical healthcare at a distance and is restricted to video conferencing between patients and doctors, could soon be a thing of the past. An Indian team is close to de... »

Seminar to discuss adoption of aerospace tech in everyday use products

Our Bureau

The increasing application of aerospace technologies in developing products of day-to-day use will be the focus of a two-day seminar beginning here tomorrow. Already, global develop... »

Feud on Earth but peace in space for U.S. and Russia

A year in space: American Scott Kelly (left) and Russian Mikhail Kornienko


Hundreds of kilometres below on Earth, their governments are locked in a standoff over Ukraine - but up in space, Russian cosmonauts and American astronauts are still working together side by side... »

Jupiter may have changed our solar system: study

According to the study, Jupiter may have swept through the early solar system like a wrecking ball, destroying any newly-formed super-Earths


Jupiter may have swept through the early solar system like a wrecking ball, destroying any newly-formed super-Earths by driving them into the Sun, a new study has found. The findings sugg... »

Research institutes urged to develop user-friendly technologies

Harsh Vardhan (right), Union Minister for Science & Technology and Earth Sciences, with MO Garg, DG of CSIR, during the Minister's visit to the CSIR-Structural Engineering Research Centre, in Chennai BIJOY GHOSH

Our Bureau

Minister asks scientists to think out of the box, come up with innovations »

Dust cloud, ultraviolet aurora found on Mars: NASA

Artist’s conception of MAVEN’s Imaging UltraViolet Spectrograph (IUVS) observing the “Christmas Lights Aurora


NASA’s MAVEN spacecraft has observed two unexpected phenomena in the Martian atmosphere: a mysterious high-altitude dust cloud and a deep bright ultraviolet aurora.The presence of the dust... »

New method changes leukaemia into immune cells


Researchers, including one of Indian-origin, have found a new method that can force dangerous leukaemia cells in the lab to mature into immune cells that may help fight cancer. B-cell acute... »

First flying car to go on sale in 2017


A two-seater flying car which can take flight from any clear road could go on sale as early as 2017, potentially changing personal transport on a global scale, its manufacturers say. The... »

New gel to stop wounds from bleeding


Scientists have developed a new injectable polymer material that encourages faster, more durable blood clotting at wound sites to stop bleeding following life-threatening injuries. The po... »

Yashoda Hospitals perform two back-to-back heart transplants

Amit Mitra

Yashoda Group of Hospitals has performed heart transplant surgeries on two terminally ill mothers in a span of two days during last week of February.“Heart transplantation is a rare operatio... »

NASA finds ocean on Jupiter’s largest moon Ganymede

Helpline to tipoff against illegal animal testing for cosmetics  

US-Russian space trio land safely in Kazakhstan

Nine dwarf galaxies found orbiting Milky Way

ISS astronauts use airlock to test lungs

To further tighten clinical trials, Centre unveils new standards

NASA’s Dawn spacecraft reaches dwarf planet Ceres

Inhaling extra oxygen could help fight cancer: study

IRNSS-1D launch tomorrow, countdown progressing smoothly

IRNSS-1D at clean room of SDSC SHAR


The stage is set for the launch of India’s satellite IRNSS-1D tomorrow from Sriharikota onboard workhorse PSLV-C27 that would pave the way for the country’s own navigation system on a par with the... »

NASA rover completes 11-year Mars marathon


NASA’s Opportunity Mars rover has become the first human-made vehicle to complete a marathon on another planet a feat accomplished in a record time of no less than 11 years. Opportunity... »

Countdown begins for launch of IRNSS-1D

IRNSS-1D at clean room of SDSC SHAR


Countdown began today for the launch of India’s latest navigation satellite IRNSS-1D onboard PSLV-C-27 on March 28 from Sriharikota that would take the country closer to setting up its own navigat... »

Obama praises work of young Indian-American teen scientists

U.S. President Barack Obama deadpans a remark to reporters about how impressed he is by the work of Anvita Gupta, 17, from Scottsdale, Arizona, about developing a computer algorithm to assess drugs' effectiveness, at 2015 White House Science Fair on Monday.


US President Barack Obama has praised the work of budding Indian-American teenage scientists who showcased their innovative exhibits, including an algorithm to identify potential drugs for cancer,... »

Scientists discover world’s largest asteroid impact zone in Australia


Scientists have discovered a 400 km-wide impact zone from a huge meteorite in central Australia which is the largest asteroid impact zone ever found on Earth. A team led by Dr Andrew Glik... »

Solar Impulse-2 leaves for Myanmar from Varanasi

The Solar Impulse-2 is currently flying the fourth leg. File Photo


The world’s only ‘no-fuel’ solar-powered aircraft ‘Solar Impulse-2’ today took off for Myanmar from Varanasi after overnight stopover, ending its week-long journey in India as part of the round-th... »  

Milky Way may have billions of planets in habitable zone


Our Milky Way galaxy may be home to billions of planets orbiting their host stars in a habitable zone, where there could be liquid water and possibility of life, a new study has found. Us... »

On track for 13 rocket launches this year: SpaceX

File Photo of the unmanned Falcon 9 rocket.


Space Exploration Technologies, or SpaceX, is rapidly increasing production of the engines that power its Falcon 9 rocket and expects to meet its target of 13 launches and two test flights this ye... »

Solar Impulse-2 departure delayed due to weather conditions


Solar Impulse-2, claimed to be the world’s first ‘no fuel’ aircraft, which arrived here on a round-the-world trip on March 10, has delayed its departure due to cloudy weather conditions.“Th... »

CERN’s revamped Large Hadron Collider to restart this month


The Large Hadron Collider (LHC), the world’s largest and most powerful particle collider, will resume operations for its second three-year run this month amid hopes of uncovering the universe’s be... »

Rocket blasts off with NASA magnetic field probes

New swine flu strain in India may carry dangerous mutations

Facebook profiles may predict health problems

Dassault Systemes powers Solar Impulse-2

Solar Impulse 2 lands in Ahmedabad

Mars had ocean with more water than Arctic: Study

Probe ‘Dawn’ enters orbit of dwarf planet Ceres: NASA

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