A heart surgeon, holds a stent, which is inserted into constricted
coronary arteries to normalise blood flow
REUTERS A heart surgeon, holds a stent, which is inserted into constricted coronary arteries to normalise blood flow

Nano Crush stenting technique shows promise for narrow coronary arteries

Press Trust of India

In a breakthrough for treating abnormal narrowing of branching arteries, scientists have developed ... »

Remote sensing satellite Resourcesat-2A launched successfully


India’s latest remote sensing satellite, Resourcesat-2A, was today successfully launched by ISRO’s ... »

In a first, human thought mapped


American scientists have, for the first time, successfully tracked human thought by imaging rapidly... »

Groundwater helium level can signal quakes

Press Trust of India

Groundwater helium level could signal potential risk of earthquakes, according to researchers who d... »

Density of bones could be a biomarker of Alzheimer’s

Press Trust of India

"Measurement of bone density...could serve as a useful biomarker for assessing AD risk in our ageing population," said Christine Dengler-Crish of NEOMED. »

TeamIndus secures launch contract from ISRO

Our Bureau

Will be part of a mission to land a spacecraft on the Moon as part of its bid to win the Google Lunar XPRIZE »

For big steps in internet security, scientists turn to quantum physics

Our Bureau

Co-opt NASA’s experts to encrypt long-distance messages in real-world cases »

Social structure gives Indians the skin pigmentation

M Soma Sekhar

What causes your skin colour to be darker or lighter? Scientists say it’s in your genes and have established a genetic link to the skin colour. Kumarasamy Thangaraj at the CSIR-Centre for Cellular a... »

Scientists establish genetic link to skin colour

M Somasekhar

What causes your skin colour to be darker or lighter? Scientists say its in your genes and have established a genetic link to skin colour. In keeping with the diversity of its population groups, India... »

Bioartificial kidney a step closer to reality

A cross section of kidney. Bioartificial kidney could one day replace the need for dialysis or transplantation in patients with kidney failure.


Scientists are developing a functional bioartificial kidney which could replace the need for dialysis or organ transplant in the millions of patients who suffer from kidney failure. A key requireme... »

Fluorescent battery to power cars, homes in future: research

Press Trust of India

Researchers have identified a glow-in-the-dark fluorescent dye which may be an ideal material for stockpiling energy in rechargeable, liquid-based batteries that could one day power cars and homes. »

India’s carbon emission increased by over 5% in 2015

Global carbon emissions from burning fossil fuels did not grow in 2015. File Photo


Contributed 6.3 per cent of all global CO2 emissions »

Low on Vitamin B12 during pregnancy ups diabetes risk for babies

Press Trust of India

Deficiency of vitamin B12 in mothers during pregnancy may put their child at greater risk of metabolic problems such as type-2 diabetes, scientists including those of Indian origin have warned. Res... »

NASA satellites break Guinness World Record


NASA’s Magnetospheric Multiscale Mission (MMS) has set the Guinness World Record for highest altitude fix of a GPS signal — at 70,000 kilometres above the surface of the Earth.Operating in a highly e... »

National Research Development Corporation inks 5 tech licensing pacts

M Somasekhar

National Research Development Corporation (NRDC) has signed five technology licensing agreements on a single day. The technologies licenced include three Ayurvedic technologies to Ayur Force organi... »

CSIR’s Prathama S. Mainkar bags OPPI Woman Scientist Award

Oldest known planet-forming disk discovered

NASA probe spots possible clouds over Pluto; indicate more complex weather

September 2016 hottest on record: NASA

‘For women over 40, IVF results in babies with fewer birth defects’

China to launch manned space mission on Oct 17

Team Indus gets a Moon shot from 3 ace investors

Madhumathi DS

Three of the country’s ace stock investors — Rakesh Jhunjhunwla, Ashish Kacholia and RK Damani — have picked up stakes in Team Indus, the space start-up that will be sending India’s first privately f... »

CFTRI to bring about an ‘omega revolution’ in India

The protein-enriched chocobar from puffed quinoa, and omega-3 enriched chocobar from chia seeds, developed by CFTRI - Photo: MA SRIRAM

Meenakshi Verma Ambwani

From chocolates enriched with puffed quinoa and crispy chia seeds, to quinoa laddu, Mysuru-based Central Food Technological Research Institute (CFTRI) is looking to take many of its innovative food p... »

India successfully test-fires twin trial of Prithvi-II missile

Surface to Surface Ballistic Missile Prithvi-II. Photo credit: DRDO


The missile is thrusted by liquid propulsion twin engines. »

New ‘Super Earth’ found near the Sun


Scientists have discovered a new ’super Earth’ planet with a mass around 5.4 times that of the Earth, orbiting a very bright star near to the Sun. The exoplanet, GJ 536 b, is not within the star’s... »

Scientists tweak photosynthesis to boost crop yield


Scientists have successfully tweaked the process of photosynthesis to make it more efficient and increase plant productivity by raising the level of three proteins involved in the process. Many yea... »

Skygazers gear up for extra bright Supermoon

Witness the unusually big and bright Moon today. File photo


The moon will be the closest to Earth since 1948 »

SAARC satellite to be launched in March: ISRO


India’s ambitious South Asian satellite, proposed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the benefit of SAARC members, will be launched in March next year, ISRO Chairman A S Kiran Kumar said today. Th... »

New super battery from metal scrap, home chemicals

Press Trust of India

Researchers have developed a new high-performance, grid-scale battery made from metal scrap and common household chemicals. The proof-of-concept battery, which is no bigger than a pill bottle, coul... »

Mystery behind birth of Saturn’s rings solved

The giant planets in our solar system have very diverse rings. File Photo


Researchers at Kobe University and Tokyo Institute of Technology in Japan focused on the period called the Late Heavy Bombardment »

US, Russian, Japanese astronauts return from ISS


Three astronauts landed safely in Kazakhstan today following a 115-day mission aboard the the International Space Station, including US astronaut Kate Rubins, the first person to sequence DNA in spac... »

New millipede species with over 400 legs discovered

Shocking levels of pollution in India, China: Astronaut Kelly

Chinese astronauts enter space lab Tiangong-2

New version of ibuprofen may work better

China launches manned space mission

This armour could help fight breast cancer

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