HAL, ISRO to set up integrated cryogenic engine manufacturing facility

Anil Urs

The HAL-ISRO partnership will further get strengthened in the years to come. An integrated cryog... »

NASA’s MAVEN spacecraft enters Mars orbit


NASA’s MAVEN spacecraft began orbiting Mars on a mission to study how the Red Planet’s climate ch... »

ISRO successfully test-fires liquid engine on Mangalyaan


In a crucial manoeuvre ahead of India’s Mars orbiter’s entry into the final destination on Septe... »

India's Mars mission a step closer to success with engine test


Indian scientists successfully tested the main engine of a spacecraft bound for Mars on Monday a... »

Genetic variants that increase diabetes risk identified


Harvard researchers, including one of Indian-origin, have identified nine genetic variants that... »

Too many selfies on Facebook may damage relationships: study


Posting too many selfies on Facebook may alienate friends, family members and colleagues, scientists say.People who post a lot of photos on Facebook and other social networks run the risk o... »

Ebola: Spain to repatriate Sierra Leone based priest


Spain on Sunday sent a military plane to Sierra Leone to repatriate a Spanish Catholic priest working in the African country who has tested positive for the Ebola virus, the government said. ... »

Mobile app for clicking selfie with Isro’s Mangalyaan


City-based start-up Smartur has developed a mobile application (app) built on augmented reality that allows users of Android phone users and iOS mobile devices to click a selfie with Indian spaces... »

NASA’s Mars spacecraft to begin orbit of Red Planet


A NASA spacecraft that aims to study the upper atmosphere of Mars and reveal how its climate changed over time is poised to begin orbiting the Red Planet today.After a 10-month journey, the... »

Massive Andromeda galaxy will eat the Milky Way


Massive galaxies in the Universe have stopped making their own stars and are instead snacking on nearby galaxies, according to new research.Astronomers looked at more than 22,000 galaxies a... »

New dinosaur species discovered in Portugal


Scientists have discovered a new species of dinosaur, the smallest in Portugal and probably the tiniest of all plant-eating dinosaurs.“It’s one of the smallest on record in Portugal and pro... »

Highest No of child deaths below 5 in India


India’s child mortality rate has dropped by more than half since 1990 but it still recorded the world’s highest number of deaths among children below age five in 2013, a United Nations report said... »

Faster response for Ebola cases: WHO


The Ebola outbreak in West Africa has killed 2,461 people, half of the 4,985 infected by the virus, World Health Organisation Assistant Director General Bruce Aylward said on Tuesday. &qu... »

Boeing may win NASA space taxi contract

Boeing’s proposed capsule offers the least risky option and also the one most likely to be ready to transport crew to the International Space Station.


American aerospace giant Boeing seems set to win a multibillion-dollar contract to build space taxis for NASA that will ferry astronauts to and from orbit. The Wall Street Journal quoted... »

New type of human stem cell created in lab


Scientists have created a new type of human stem cell in the lab which they believe will be better at making replacement organs than existing stem cells.In theory stem cells can develop int... »

Quasars’ appearance in universe solved

Google Earth engine to help predict malaria on maps

NASA, ISRO in talks to set up Joint Mars Working Group

NASA laser probe to map Earth’s forests in 3D

Ebola spreads exponentially in Liberia, many more cases soon: WHO

Sex hormones may play a part in autism: study

SpaceX Falcon rocket lifts off with satellite

‘God particle’ could destroy the universe: Hawking

Britain hires dyslexic spies in anti-terror campaign


Britain’s main surveillance agency is employing over 100 afflicted with dyslexia and dyspraxia as spies in the country’s fight against terror.The Government Communications Headquarters (GCH... »

Electric car sets new speed record


A ultralight electric car built by students at a US university has set a new land speed record in its class, besting the previous mark by nearly 80kph.Electric Blue, an E1 streamliner desig... »

Mars mission: ISRO all set for crucial manoeuvre on Monday


Ahead of India’s Mars orbiter’s scheduled rendezvous with the red planet on September 24, ISRO is all set for the crucial fourth trajectory correction manoeuvre and test fire of the main liquid en... »

Programmes planned to mark Mangalyaan’s Mars orbit entry


Kerala State Science and Technology Museum here has drawn up various programmes to mark the entry of ‘Mangalyaan’, India’s Mars Orbiter Mission, into the orbit of the red planet, expected to happen... »

Artificial sweeteners linked to diabetes, obesity


Scientists have found that after exposure to artificial sweeteners our gut bacteria may be triggering harmful metabolic changes that can lead to diabetes and obesity.Researchers from the... »

Boeing, SpaceX win contracts to build 'space taxis' for NASA


NASA will partner with Boeing and SpaceX to build commercially owned and operated "space taxis" to fly astronauts to the International Space Station, ending US dependence on Russia for rides, offi... »

Australia: Brain tumour surgery performed on goldfish!


Australian vets have successfully removed a life-threatening tumour from the brain of a goldfish in a 45-minute-long ‘high-risk’ operation. The 10-year-old fish, called George, is now expected to... »

Drinking milk may keep your heart healthy


Drinking milk and dairy consumption may lower your risk of high blood pressure, scientists say.Based on nine studies with 57,256 individuals and 15,367 cases of hypertension, researchers fo... »

Mars Mission to be inserted into Mars orbit on Sept 24

Anil Urs

India's Mars Mission will enter the sphere of influence of Mars on September 22, said V Koteswara Rao, Scientific Secretary, ISRO. With this, ISRO will become the fourth agency in the wor... »

Botox injections may stunt youngsters’ emotional growth


Giving young people Botox injections may restrict their emotional growth, UK experts warn. Researchers said there is a growing trend for under-25s to seek the wrinkle-smoothing injections.H... »

NASA's Curiosity rover reaches its primary destination

ISRO: MOM is in the pink of health

India successfully test-fires Agni-1 missile

Diabetics pay little attention to salt warnings: study

Suspected Ebola case investigated in Italy

NASA to turn ISS into perfect Earth-observing platform

Govt to make it mandatory for scientists to take lecture classes in schools

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