A significant milestone in development of synthetic platelets.
The Hindu A significant milestone in development of synthetic platelets.

New synthetic platelets for better bleeding control


Scientists, including two of Indian-origin, have developed new synthetic platelets that mimic... »

New terahertz devices could strengthen security


Scientists have developed gen-next devices that use terahertz waves to detect explosives, chemic... »

Mangalyaan named among best inventions of 2014


Mangalyaan has been named among the best inventions of 2014 by Time magazine which descri... »

Just one gram of turmeric a day could boost memory!


Adding just one gram of humble turmeric to breakfast could help improve the memory of people who... »

New artificial intelligence software boosts web searches


Scientists have created artificial intelligence software that uses photos to locate documents on... »

New method to make Ebola diagnoses quicker, cheaper


Scientists have developed a new cost-effective method to sequence the Ebola virus genome that could make diagnoses and surveillance of the deadly disease quicker, and help detect new forms of the... »

Hyderabad to host national meet on soil science

K V Kurmanath

Hyderabad will host the 79th annual convention of the Indian Society of Soil Science (ISSS) from November 24 to 27. The event will be held at the Agricultural University at Rajendranagar... »

Akash missile test fired successfully for second day


For the second consecutive day, India today successfully test-fired its indigenously developed surface-to-air ‘Akash’ missile from a test range in Odisha as part of user trial by the air force. »

IICT scientist Srivari Chandrasekhar wins Infosys Prize 2014

Our Bureau

A technologist who has made important contributions in potential drug developments, Srivari Chandrasekhar from CSIR-IICT, Hyderabad, has been named the winner of the Infosys Prize 2014 in Physical... »

China launches new remote sensing satellite


China today launched a new remote sensing satellite into scheduled orbit from Taiyuan Satellite Launch Centre.The satellite Yaogan-23 will mainly be used for scientific experiments, natural... »

Google marks Philae landing on comet with a doodle

Our Bureau ,

Google has marked the landing of Philae robotic lander on comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko with a doodle on Thursday. The doodle depicts the lander, from the European Space Agency’s Rosett... »

Scientists develop single dose nano-medicine for osteoporosis


A nanoparticle that can stimulate growth of bone forming cells and deliver the drug used for osteoporosis straight to the affected area has been developed.A team of engineers and pharmacolo... »

ISRO releases picture of comet taken by Mars Orbiter


On a day when European Space Agency (ESA) is attempting to place a robot Philae on Comet 67P/Churyumov—Gerasimenko, ISRO today »

2-day national meet on composites design and manufacturing

Vinson Kurian

The Indian Society for Advancement of Materials and Process Engineering, in association with Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre, is organising a two-day national conference here on ‘Recent advances in c... »

New technique for generating electricity developed


Researchers have demonstrated a new technique for generating electricity by harvesting energy from mechanical vibrations of the environment. The new electricity generation technology coul... »

‘CERN may not have discovered elusive Higgs Boson’

Indian Academy of Sciences annual meet

New laser-based technology to diagnose heart disease

Pilot mystery at heart of Virgin Galactic spaceship crash probe

Migraine linked to defective ‘insulation’ on nerve fibres

Centre for Zoo Sciences to be set up

China completes first return mission to moon

Doctors correct cardiac problem in foetal baby

ISRO chosen for Indira Gandhi prize for peace, disarmament

ISRO bags Indira Gandhi Prize for Peace 2014. Members of Mission Operation Team and staff celebrate after the successful entry of Mangalyaan into the Mars orbit.


Indian space agency ISRO will be conferred the Indira Gandhi Prize for Peace, Disarmament and Development for 2014 in recognition of its contribution in strengthening international cooperation in... »

Indian diabetics consume high amount of carbohydrates: study


The Indian diabetics’ population, which is second largest in the world with an estimated 65 million affected people, consumes high amount of carbohydrates, according to a study.The dietary... »

NASA installs first zero-gravity 3D printer on ISS

Commander Barry WIlmore works on Monday to install a 3D printer inside the Destiny laboratory’s Microgravity Science Glovebox. Credit: NASA TV


The world’s first zero-gravity 3D printer has been installed by NASA on the International Space Station (ISS), which will help astronauts to experiment with additive manufacturing in microgravity. »

Triumphant comet probe sends last-gasp data from alien world


Robot probe Philae has uploaded a slew of last-minute data to Earth from a comet in deep space, before going to sleep at the conclusion of a historic exploration, ground controllers said. ... »

India successfully test-fires Prithvi-II missile


India today successfully test-fired its indigenously developed nuclear-capable Prithvi-II surface-to-surface missile, which has a strike range of 350 km, from a test range at Chandipur near here a... »

Two women feature in Infosys Prize 2014 list

Our Bureau

N. R. Narayana Murthy, President, Board of Trustees, Infosys Science Foundation while announcing the Infosys Prize 2014 said Shubha Tole has been chosen for Life Sciences, while Esther Duflo for S... »

European probe lands on comet, fails to anchor

A European Space Agency's (ESA) handout photo taken on Wednesday by Rosetta's lander Philae of its mothership shortly after separation and with about 10 m between the two probes. Photo: Reuters


Europe has made history by placing the first-ever lander on a comet — but the robot failed to anchor itself properly, raising concerns at ground control.The fridge-sized lab dubbed Philae t... »

All systems go for comet landing: ESA

Philae will touch down about seven hours later before carrying out scientific experiments on its surface — a double first in space history. Photo credit: ESA


The probe Philae has been given the green light to attempt the first landing on a comet today, the European Space Agency (ESA) said.“We’ve got the final go” for the operation, an ESA spokes... »

Remains of Ice Age infants found in Alaska


Archaeologists have discovered the remains of two Ice Age infants buried more than 11,000 years ago at a site in Alaska, which represent the youngest human remains ever found in North America.... »

Ambitious neutrino project awaits PMO approval


India’s ambitious project intending to study the properties of atmospheric neutrinos through an underground lab in Theni district of Tamil Nadu at a total cost of Rs 1,500 crore is awaiting a fina... »

New drug to replace antibiotics

Google Glass may cause ‘blind spots’ in vision

Sanofi readies for last phase of trial on its dengue vaccine in India

First dengue vaccine likely to be available in H2 2015: Sanofi

Key function of crashed Virgin spacecraft deployed early, says US body

Test flight of Virgin Galactic spaceship ends in fatal crash

CSIR scientist Venkata Mohan wins Bhatnagar Prize

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