Animal calls may contain more language-like structure: study


The calls of many animals, from whales to wolves, might contain more language—like structure tha... »

New device generates solar energy without blocking view


Scientists have developed a new device that when placed over a window creates solar energy wh... »

’Tickling’ your ear may be good for your heart: study


Stimulating nerves in your ear could improve the health of your heart, researchers have found. <... »

NASA’s Curiosity rover stalled by sand trap on Mars


NASA’s Mars rover Curiosity may have to find an alternative route to the base of a huge Red P... »

Top honour for Indian woman researcher in South Africa


Indian-origin South African academic Leila Patel has been named the African country’s one of the... »

Beam your messages, pictures to Mars


A US-based space-funding company has launched a new project that will allow you to send messages and pictures to Mars. The company Uwingu in Boulder, Colorado has launched its “Beam Me to Mars” pr... »

New personal data tracking system for web developed


Have you recently seen an ad about depression online, it could be because you sent an email about being sad! Researchers have developed a new tool that unveils which data in a web account... »

Antibiotics at early age alter long-term immunity


Taking antibiotics at an early age can increase the risk of contracting specific diseases down the road, a new study has warned. The research by the University of British Columbia (UBC) a... »

Self-folding origami robot could save lives


A new robot that constructs its own body out of flat sheets of paper and plastic, using the energy from a standard AA battery to power a circuit, is being compared to the Japanese art of paper fol... »

Astronauts suffer from sleep loss: study


A new study by neurologists indicates astronauts are getting too little sleep before, and during, space missions. The findings have been published in the professional journal The Lancet N... »

NASA telescope sees rare blurring of black hole light


NASA’s black-hole hunting telescope has captured an extreme and rare event in the regions immediately surrounding a super-massive black hole. A compact source of X-rays that sits near the b... »

Delhi school students discover two asteroids


Four students from city schools have discovered two unknown asteroids, which is set to be placed in the global minor body catalogue maintained by the International Astronomical Union in Paris.... »

9/11 dust cloud may have caused widespread pregnancy issues


Pregnant women living near the World Trade Centre here during the 9/11 terror attacks experienced higher-than-normal negative birth outcomes, according to a new study.The study by Princeton... »

New software to calculate leaf area from digital images


A new software allows researchers to accurately measure leaf area from digital images in seconds. Leaf measurements are often critical in plant physiological and ecological studies, but t... »

Scientists turn metal into glass


Materials scientists have long sought to form glass from pure, mono-atomic metals and now modern day alchemists have done exactly that! “This is a fundamental issue explored by people in... »

Bee, snake, scorpion venom may be used to fight cancer

Cell phones can be charged using sound

Ebola: Kolkata Port Trust vigilant about ships from west Africa

India test fires Akash missile in user trial

Japanese researchers develop world’s fastest camera

Perseid meteor shower, supermoon to light up the sky together

ALMA telescope sizes up Pluto’s orbit

India takes help from US body to tackle encephalitis outbreak

Yoga may boost your brainpower: study


Practicing hatha yoga three times a week can significantly improve cognitive function in the elderly, scientists led by an Indian-origin researcher have found. Hatha yoga three times a we... »

Violent video games may put kids at higher risk for depression


Scientists have found significantly increased signs of depression among preteens with high daily exposure to violent video games. Researchers recorded significantly more depressive sympto... »

New genetic basis for sex determination found


It may not just be the X and Y chromosomes which decide the sex of a baby, a subset of very small genes could also play a key role! Scientists at the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CSHL)... »

Exercise is good for reducing arthritis


Regular, moderate exercise such as jogging, swimming, aerobics and cycling can slow down the advance of arthritis, according to a leading German sports doctor and professor, Klaus Boes. H... »

Spacewalking astronauts release Peruvian satellite


Spacewalking astronauts launched a tiny Peruvian research satellite on Monday, setting it loose on a mission to observe Earth. Russian Oleg Artemiev cast the 4-inch (10-centimetre) box of... »

New software can thwart cyberattacks


German scientists have developed free software that can help prevent cyberattacks. Scientists at the Technische Universitat Munchen (TUM) developed the software which they claim can thwar... »

Mars Orbiter must journey 88 mn km to reach red planet


India’s Mars Orbiter spacecraft has to travel only 88 million km as part of its total journey of 680 million km for its rendezvous with the red planet scheduled for September 24.On its 300-... »

Single enzyme triggers diabetes: study


A single enzyme promotes the obesity—induced oxidative stress in the pancreatic cells that leads to pre—diabetes and diabetes, scientists have found. The action of the enzyme 12—LO is the... »

‘Ticking clock’ increases a woman’s biological clock


The subtle sound of a ticking clock may increase a woman’s urge to marry and start a family at an earlier age, a new study suggests.The metaphor of a ticking clock is often used to refer to... »

Single gene that controls jet lag identified


Scientists, led by an Indian—origin researcher, have identified a master gene responsible for sleep and wake cycles, offering hope for a drug that could help reset sleep. The discovery of... »

India conducts successful ‘Akash’ trial for 2nd day

Genetically modified fruit flies could save crops

New species of catfish discovered

New synthetic molecule makes cancer self-destruct

Ebola: Kochi airport takes precautionary measures

ISRO to develop satellites of higher frequency bands

SpaceX plans to build rocket launch site in south Texas

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