Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) company Pansari Group, operating largely in North India, will be expanding its operations in South and West India. The company is aiming to supply 200-300 tonnes of products from Gujarat every month. 

The company offers edible oils, rice, flour profits and instant Indian mixes. 

“We have developed particular products for the South Indian market and are doing the same for Western India. Acceptance of our rice products in South India is high and we have done repackaging of products in the states to cater to local needs,” said Shammi Agarwal, Director of Pansari Group.

Packaged foods

The company, which has been operating since 1940, has found consumers moving towards packaged foods in rural areas.

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“We have witnessed an increase in demand for packaged rice and pulses in rural markets. People are preferring less loose available food products,” said Agarwal.

The demand for products in value pack size differ based on regions according to the company. 

Distribution network

To increase its distribution network from the present 729 distributors the company plans to open storage facilities in Gujarat and Mumbai.

“We are planning to have 200 distributors in Gujarat over two years. As we deal in branded commodities we are trying to establish a smooth supply chain,” said Agarwal.

The turnover for Pansari group for FY21 and FY22 is ₹1,011 crore. The company has an export of 11 per cent.

The company plans to expand its export footprints as well, “We are already present in USA and Canada but will not be focusing on the European market,” added Agarwal.