Pinnacle Industries, a leading provider of automotive interiors and specialty vehicles in India, has unveiled AD-Gen Ambulance. 

“Our goal with the AD-Gen Ambulance is to provide high-quality yet accessible emergency medical services nationwide,” said Arihant Mehta, President at Pinnacle Industries. “We recognize that the initial 10-20 minutes following an accident or medical emergency can be the difference between life and death. This ambulance is engineered to optimize response times and enhance patient outcomes.”

Key highlights of the AD-Gen Ambulance include its robust construction featuring high-strength aluminum rails, which support seamless equipment installation without compromising the vehicle’s structural integrity. The ambulance also boasts European-standard seats designed for comfort and space optimization, complemented by an interior layout focused on operational efficiency and hygiene.

Incorporating advanced onboard medical equipment, the AD-Gen Ambulance is equipped to stabilize patients effectively during transit to hospitals. It features a state-of-the-art Digital Oxygen System for precise monitoring and programmable alarms, along with a dedicated drug cabinet to ensure quick access and secure storage of medications. Integrated electronic systems, including control screens and Mobile Data Terminals (MDTs), provide real-time data on vital signs and navigation tools, enabling medical personnel to respond swiftly and decisively.

With its focus on rapid response, advanced medical interventions, and efficient hospital transfers, the AD-Gen Ambulance is poised to significantly impact emergency medical transport in India. By enhancing service delivery and response times, this innovation has the potential to save lives and improve outcomes for individuals and communities facing medical emergencies, Pinnacle Industries added in a press statement.