Karnataka has approved 64 projects totalling investments of ₹3587.67 crore on Friday. These projects are projected to generate employment for approximately 13,896 people across the state.

The 146th State-Level Single Window Clearance Committee (SLSWCC) approved these projects. Among the notable approvals are proposals from International Battery Company India Private Limited and River Mobility Private Limited, which plan to invest ₹390 crore and ₹306.9 crore respectively.

The approved projects would improve equitable investments across various state regions, particularly benefitting the districts of North Karnataka.

Industries minister M B Patil who chaired the meeting has highlighted that the committee approved 13 major projects categorised as large and medium projects with capital investments surpassing ₹50 crore. The total investment amounts to ₹2046.39 crore and is expected to create employment for around 7,199 people. 

Furthermore, 47 new projects with investments ranging from ₹15 crore to ₹50 crore were sanctioned, totaling ₹1058.55 crore. Four additional capital investment schemes, amounting to ₹482.73 crore, were also approved, which will create employment opportunities for about 150 people.

The meeting was attended by several key officials, including Dr. Shalini Rajneesh, IAS, Additional Chief Secretary & Development Commissioner, Government of Karnataka; Shri Selvakumar S, IAS, Principal Secretary, Department of Commerce and Industries; Gunjan Krishna, IAS, Commissioner for Industrial Development and Director, Department of Commerce and Industries; Dodda Basavaraju, MD of Karnataka Udyoga Mitra; Darshan H.V, IAS, Director of Electronics, IT/BT and other senior officers from various departments.