, an online marketplace in the entire animal science economy — dairy, livestock, poultry, and fisheries — is likely to start commercial operation in two weeks, which will offer services in B2B, B2C, and C2C segments.

“We incorporated Animpet Ecomm in April 2021 and registered it as a 360-degree start-up after nine months. Now that our pilot has been completed, we are ready for the commercial launch,” said Karishma Dagar, Co-founder of the company.

She said starting from livestock animals to their products and by-products and from feed to animal healthcare products all would be available on the platform.

Asked how would they manage every segment under one platform, she said although the requirements of B2B, B2C, and C2C segments vary, all are interrelated. Though challenges would be there, Dagar said the company is confident in finding a solution through technology.

“Results of the trial run (pilot) were highly encouraging as enquiries and lead generation from interested stakeholders both in India and abroad were beyond our expectation. Since the expansion of the concept and the platform will require substantial financial support, it will be our next stage focus,” said Dagar.

She added, as dairy farms/firms and meat processors have established a network in trading animals, plans to rope in stakeholders by extending opportunities to them without disrupting the network.

The start-up also plans to have at least one representative in each district of the country to manage the services. However, the company has left the responsibility of quality assessment of the products as well as logistics to the buyers and sellers.

“We will not be directly involved in logistics and it will be the seller’s responsibility to ensure the products reach the buyer’s place, though we have made arrangement to provide through a third-party vendor if anyone requires it,” she said. has already on board nearly 25,000 vendors who offer several thousand products and services, she said. Once the commercial operation starts, the company plans to build a team of 12,000 by end of the current fiscal depending on the growth.

“Customisation of the platform in line with rules and regulations of overseas markets in Asia, Australia, and Europe could see more addition in manpower,” she said.

After the commercial launch, will target to take on board 10 million products (one product by two companies to be counted as two products) in the first year itself along with a listing of one million vendors.

“During this period, we will seek to have a footprint in UAE, Australia, and the Netherlands,” she added.