UMANG app provides certain EPFO (Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation) services to employers and employees. The services on UMANG include activating UAN, downloading the EPF passbook, EPF claim status, and registering EPF-related complaints. 

The application is available on Android and iOS, providing easy access to government services.

Here’s the list of employee-centric services available on UMANG:
EPFO - employee-centric services on UMANG

EPFO - employee-centric services on UMANG

  • Request for advance
  • Form 10C Scheme Cerificate
  • View EPF passbook (Know how)
  • Raise EPF claim
  • Track EPF claim; and
  • UAN activation

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List of employer-centric services on UMANG
EPFO - employer-centric services on UMANG

EPFO - employer-centric services on UMANG

  • The employers can get their remittance details by providing the establishment ID.
  • In addition, they can also view the TRRN status (showing the status PF challan payment).

What is a TRRN number? The Temporary Return Reference Number — TRRN — is an ID number provided by the EPFO when an employer or the PF account holder pays the PF amount through the online mode towards the monthly PF contribution.

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Pensioner services

In addition to general services to employers and employees, the UMANG app also extends the functionality for pensioners to view their passbooks, update Jeevan Pramaan, and download pension payment orders (EPS - 95). To update their life certificate (Jeevan Pramaan), individuals will have to submit their Aadhaar (VID) data on UMANG. They can download their pension payment orders by submitting their PPO number.

eKYC, pensioners’ services and grievance registration

eKYC, pensioners’ services and grievance registration

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KYC and general EPFO services accessible using UMANG include:
  • Aadhaar seeding (Also read: How to link UAN with Aadhaar)
  • Search EPFO office
  • Acquire details of EPF account via SMS or missed call; and
  • Acquire details of an establishment.

To link an Aadhaar with EPF accounts, employees can click on the ‘Aadhaar seeding’ option under the eKYC services and enter their UAN number.

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Grievance registration and tracking

PF members, employers, and pensioners can also register and check the statuses of their EPF-related grievances using the UMANG app. Individuals will have to provide the details of the EPFO regional office, and their personal information (including UAN number in case of an employee, PPO number in case of a pensioner, and establishment number in case of an employer) and upload necessary documents while registering a complaint.

In addition, they can view the status of their complaints using UMANG, by entering the Grievance Registration Number and the mobile number associated with an EPF account.

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