The use cases of AI-based GPT-4 are varied. Microsoft says it is integrating the AI chatbot to power a health-tech solution that is aimed at reducing the burden of note-taking by doctors as they interact with patients.

Nuance Communications Inc., a Microsoft company, has developed an artificial intelligence-powered automated note-creation solution that saves time and effort for doctors in the creation of notes.

The solution uses conversational, ambient, and generative AI to create draft clinical notes from patient conversations and make them available immediately after concluding a patient visit.

‘Unique combination’

“Extending the Dragon Medical portfolio of solutions and building on DAX ambient solution launched in 2020, DAX Express helps reduce administrative burden and let clinicians spend more time taking care of patients and less time on paperwork,” Tom McGuinness, Corporate Vice-President, Global Healthcare and Life Sciences of Microsoft, has said in a company’s blog.

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Nuance’s DAX Express uses OpenAI’s GPT‑4 with workflow‑integrated technology to make this possible. The solution, Dragon Ambient eXperience (DAX) Express, is a workflow-integrated, fully automated clinical documentation application that is laced with GPT-4, an upgraded version of ChatGPT, the AI chatbot that provides human-like answers.

Physicians and nurses have been overwhelmed by the administrative demands that come with providing high-quality care. They must navigate complicated coding and billing requirements, manage the cognitive burden to accurately record and recall increasing amounts of patient data.

“DAX Express tackles this challenge head-on, with advanced automated clinical documentation seamlessly integrated in physicians’ workflows,” Microsoft said.

“Using a unique combination of conversational, ambient, and generative AI, DAX Express automatically and securely creates draft clinical notes in seconds for immediate clinical review after a physical or telehealth consultation,” Nuance has said in a statement.

Nuance will showcase DAX Express at the HIMSS Global Health Conference slated for April 17-21 in Chicago.