Twitter users can make Tweets with photos more accessible to other users, by adding image descriptions. This can be done on the Twitter app on Android and iOS, and on the desktop version.

Making photos in Tweets accessible can help out visually impaired Twitter users. Adding such image description (commonly known as alt text) enables screen readers to read the text out loud.

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How to add image descriptions on iOS and Android

Step 1: Tap the Tweet compose (feather or +) icon and attach photos

Step 2: On the image, click ‘+Alt’ button to input text

Step 3: Select ‘Sure’ to proceed, then add description within 1,000 characters

Step 4: Click ‘Done’ and proceed to tweet

How to add image descriptions on desktop

Step 1: Tap ‘Tweet’, or click ‘n’ on the keyboard for a shortcut

Step 2: Attach photos by selecting the image button

Step 3: Select ‘Add description’

Step 4: Type the decription and click ‘Done’. The limit is 1,000 characters

Accessible images will contain a small ‘Alt’ symbol in the bottom left corner. Alt descriptions cannot be added to videos currently on Twitter.

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