WhatsApp allows users to share images in a less-compressed format using the document option. Currently, this mode is preferred over the direct sharing of photos in a message format that compromises heavily on the quality. Here’s how:

Step 1: Open the WhatsApp application.

Step 2: Open a chat.

Step 3: Click on the attachment icon.

Step 4: Select ‘documents’.

Step 5: Browse the image you want to share.

Step 6: Click to send.

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The image will be sent in a document format. The recipient will not be able to preview the image without downloading it. Although this allows users to share ‘less compressed images, they are not of the original quality.

According to recent reports by WhatsApp tracker WABetaInfo, the instant messaging platform is working on an ability to let users share images with original quality. ”WhatsApp plans to integrate a new setting icon within the drawing tool header: this will enable users to configure the quality of any photo,” it said. The feature under development is expected to release in a future update.

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