Microsoft Teams has refreshed backgrounds and has added new animated versions, a report by The Verge has revealed. It noted that this is a major update to virtual backgrounds since the launch of its original collection in 2020.

The tech giant recently announced the end of major updates to Windows 10.

“Featuring all-new images, the reimagined visual library for Teams has been thoughtfully designed to represent the people that use them and how they work best,” says the Microsoft design team in a new blog post.

They noticed that customers are equally enthusiastic about being depicted in fun and imaginative scenes as they are being portrayed in realistic spaces like a coworking space, office, or home.

There are six categories of Microsoft Teams backgrounds that are contemporary. According to The Verge, new backgrounds are already available to 300 million active users of Teams.

Meanwhile, the tech giant opened access to its Bing GPT-4 chatbot to all users.

It can be accessed by signing into a new Bing or Edge with Microsoft account. Microsoft has also added smart features to Bing Chat, including image and video results, Bing and Edge actions feature, and plug-in support.