Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg has announced features for users to discover and personalise Facebook Reels recommendations. The new personalisation controls for Reels will allow users to customise what they want to see more or less. 

This comes after Zuckerberg announced that the company sees an opportunity to introduce AI agents to billions of individuals that will be useful and meaningful. Meta recently launched new features to its avatars on Facebook and Instagram.

The three-dot menu at the bottom of the video player and choose between “show more” or “show less.” The option will appear at the bottom of Reels as well as videos in the Watch feed. When users select the “show more” option on a Reel, Facebook will temporarily increase its ranking score. The “show less” option will temporarily decrease its ranking score.

Facebook earlier rolled out the “show more and show less” options to regular posts.

Meanwhile, the platform is also introducing new labels to the Reels video player detailing for users why they see a certain reel. Users can also discover relevant Reels by adding Reels to the main navigation at the top of Facebook Watch, providing quick access to short-form videos.

The company recently added support for Facebook Reels up to 90 seconds and launched new creative tools and template features.

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