Signal messaging app has rolled out new Stories features to Android and iOS users, weeks after it began testing the feature with select users. Users can send stories to existing group chats as well. 

Just like on Instagram, users can create and share images, videos, and texts in Stories that disappear after 24 hours. The Stories are end-to-end encrypted. Users can share Stories with a specific audience like sharing WhatsAppstatuses.

Users can customise their settings and share their Stories with select connections. They also have the option to hide the Story from specific people. View receipts can be disabled in the settings. 

The messaging platform allows users to opt out of Stories by turning off the feature in Stories settings.

“Stories have emerged to serve these specific functions and others in the broader communications landscape, and many of us have integrated them as one of the ways that we connect with one another,” the company said. The company will extend the feature availability on desktops soon.  

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