A Twitter bug is restoring deleted tweets and retweets for hundreds of users, a report by The Verge has revealed. Twitter users claimed that once-deleted tweets have since returned to their profiles.

The Verge’s James Vincent said he experienced this bug himself. He deleted all of his tweets using the TweetDelete.net service on May 8, 2023. When he checked his timeline the other morning, he found Twitter had restored some old retweets without warning. “It’s yet another illustration of Twitter’s unpredictable infrastructure,” Vincent wrote in a tweet.

Meanwhile, an open-source developer Richard Morrell shared the same issue on Mastodon. Morrell, who deleted over 38,000 tweets, found that 34,000 of them were restored. “Last November, I deleted all my Tweets. Every single one. I then ran Redact and deleted all my likes, my media, and retweets. 38k tweets are gone. Woke up today to find 34k of them restored by Twitter, who presumably brought a server farm back-up,” he posted.

According to a ZDNet report, over 400 individuals told Morrell that they had seen their deleted messages restored. Twitter is yet to respond to such claims.

Twitter chief Elon Musk in response to a Twitter user said the platform would allow users to forward and rewind a video and support picture-in-picture mode.