Twitter has suspended the official account of Mastodon. Twitter is currently blocking links to the original server and more than 10 other domains, The Verge reported. This comes after the microblogging platform suspended the accounts of several journalists who recently wrote about Twitter and chief Twit Elon Musk.

Twitter alternatives such as Mastodon and Hivegained users after Musk’s takeover.

TechCrunch reported that many Twitter users added a Mastodon profile link to their bios as the Twitter rival picked up steam. Now, any links to blocked Mastodon servers are disabled and accompanied by a warning text that the link may be unsafe.

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Twitter recently banned the @ElonJet account, which belonged to a Florida student Jack Sweeney, for tracking Musk’s private jet in real-time using data available in the public domain. Sweeney’s personal account was also suspended, TechCrunch reported. 

According to The Hill report, Mastodon operates on a network of servers, meaning a single individual cannot set the rules for the platform. The platform does not feature any ads, and the posts in the feed appear in chronological order and are not ordered by an algorithm.

Mastodon, initially released in 2016, gained popularity after Elon Musk took over Twitter. TechCrunch reported that Mastodon tweeted a link to the jet tracking account on its service just before account suspension, citing archives. 

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