Twitter now lets users set their following timeline as their default window. The microblogging platform has reversed its decision that forced the algorithm timeline onto the homepage in the latest update to its mobile app.

The company in its Twitter Support said that the latest version of the app for iOS and Android remembers which tab the user chose last. As a result, Twitter will always show that tab first while reopening the app.

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The pinned lists will show up along the top bar, but users won’t be able to set them as default. Twitter will then set the For You page as the default for its app. If users switch to the Following timeline and close the app, it will take them back to the Following list the next time they open it

Before Twitter rolled out the ability to swipe between its timelines, users were able to set a default using the star-shaped button. The option temporarily disappeared when the company switched the model of choosing the timeline. According to an Engadget report, Twitter will not bring back the twinkle button that lets users stick to their preferred timeline. 

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