Google will allow YouTube Music users to create custom radio stations, according to a report by The Verge. This will allow listeners to pick their stations based on specific artists, thereby tuning the YouTube algorithm to decide what songs should be played.

The feature, also known as “Radio Builder”, started rolling out on Tuesday, as per reports. This can be access in the “Your Music Tuner” section on the Home page.

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Listeners can choose up to 30 artists, and can also select whether they only want to listen to music from them, or also include similar artists. Users can also choose the level of artist variety, and select songs from familiar, blend, and discover.

Filters, such as popular, new releases, upbeat, etc., can also be applied.

This feature can be used by YouTube Music subscribers, as well as free users, according to Google spokesperson Paul Pennington.

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Recently, YouTube announced Creator Music, a marketplace open to all YouTube Partner Program participants in the US.