K Kavitha, daughter of Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao and a member of legislative council, has said she is ready to face any probe and to answer any query by the Central agencies.

She dared the Centre to put her in jail.

“What will happen? Nothing. As long as we work for the people, nothing will happen to us,” she said.

“During the last eight years after Narendra Modi came to power, they destabilised nine State governments to form their own governments,” she said.

Reacting strongly to ED’s inclusion of her name in the remand report of an accused in the Delhi liquor scam case, she has asked Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Bharatiya Janata Party to shun ‘heinous strategies’ of letting the Central agencies lose against her party MLAs, Ministers and leaders to destabilise the government.

On Wednesday, the Enforcement Directorate (ED) mentioned names of 36 persons, including Kavitha and Aurobindo Pharma’s Director Sarat Chandra Reddy in the remand report of Amit Arora, who was arrested on Tuesday in connection with the liquor scam case. The ED had alleged that 170 phones, including 10 by Kavitha, were either destructed or changed by these 36 persons.

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Kavitha alleged that it has been a practice for the BJP government to destabilise governments in States so that it can wrest the power via backdoor.

“Whenever elections are a year away in a State, the BJP government would depute the ED even before Modi comes (for campaign)....Nothing in it (her implication in the case). We need not take it seriously. We don’t need to get confused. We are ready to face any probe,” the TRS leader said.

She asserted that people of Telangana would reject any dubious plan to malign its leaders by giving leaks to the media.

“I am appealing to the Prime Minister to go to the people and tell them what you are doing for their welfare instead of resorting to undemocratic methods to destabilise State governments,” she said.