1. Chelsey Sullenberger III, more commonly known as Sully, became an instant hero when, in 2009, he ditched so skilfully into a river after a bird hit that all the passengers survived. On which river did he land US Airways Flight 1549?

2. In June 2016, for what specific reason did Avani Chaturvedi, Mohana Singh Jitarwal and Bhawana Kanth make headlines?

3. Which Indian political leader was jailed by the British government for dropping political leaflets to Indian soldiers serving under the British in Burma? He also carried Congress leaders to clandestine meetings around the country.

4. Which actress became a qualified pilot in less than a year after promising her son Maddox that she would learn to fly before his second birthday?

5. Which lead singer of an iconic heavy metal band would often fly his band’s converted charter aeroplane — Ed Force One? He also worked as a commercial pilot for Astraeus Airlines.

6. Which commercial logo was inspired by the family coat of arms of an Italian air ace who had 34 kills to his credit in the First World War?

7. Who or what is the ‘Ghost of Kyiv’?

8. In the Star Wars pantheon of stories, who was the pilot and owner of the Millennium Falcon before he lost the craft to Han Solo in a bet? He also led the attack on the Second Death Star.

9. Thomas Etholen Selfridge was a first lieutenant in the US Army and the first person to die in an airplane crash on September 17, 1908. Who was the pilot of the plane in which he crashed?

10. Douglas Bader was an RAF ace with 22 credited solo victories during the Second World War. He was captured by the Germans after bailing out over France in 1941. What made his specific achievements unique?


1. Hudson river in New York

2. They were the first three fighter pilots commissioned into the Indian Air Force; Chaturvedi later became the first Indian woman to fly a Mig 21 Bison solo

3. Biju Patnaik, later Union Minister and Odisha CM, who also played a significant part in the Indian landings in Kashmir in 1947

4. Angelina Jolie; she owns one of the fastest civilian single engine planes

5. Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden

6. Ferrari, from the coat of arms of the Baracca family

7. It’s the nickname given to a Mig 29 flying ace who apparently shot down six Russian fighters in the first days of the Russo-Ukraine conflict; it was later revealed to be a fiction created as a morale booster for Ukrainians

8. Lando Calrissian

9. Orville Wright, the co-inventor of the aeroplane, who was also severely injured in the crash

10. Bader had lost both of his legs in an aviation accident in 1928; his autobiography Reach For the Sky is a classic