India still has progress to make before “Made in India” is universally recognised for high quality. However, brands like Bajaj and TVS have made considerable advancements, establishing dominance in two key overseas markets with India-built two-and three-wheeler products, said Venu Srinivasan, Chairman-Emeritus, TVS Motor while addressing the 32nd graduation day of Bharathidasan Institute of Management.

India is not widely recognised for its quality products, except in a few sectors like IT, pharmaceuticals and automobiles. Indian brands are not commonly seen in international markets. But, Bajaj and TVS dominate the markets in Africa and South America, especially in the two- and three-wheeler segments. India still has a long way to go before “Made in India” becomes a mark of quality worldwide, he said.

Srinivasan sought to emphasise the significance of prioritising quality for India’s future, which will be shaped by innovation and entrepreneurship.

Global leader

Discussing ‘students as a future, he said India was on the path to becoming a global leader, emerging as one of the world’s leading economies and a strong advocate for dharma and fairness, not solely focused on economic progress. The country requires a robust pipeline of leadership and the youth are the embodiment of the country’s future. Institutions like BIM serve as nurseries that nurture and cultivate future leaders who will contribute to nation-building.

Srinivasan advised students to remain on a continuous learning curve, constantly reinventing themselves. He emphasised the importance of being rooted in values and cautioned against seeking short-term gains in careers. Instead, he encouraged students to choose opportunities for growth and self-actualisation, rather than merely focusing on the highest initial pay.

“Always look at the job from a company that will give you the greatest opportunity to grow, not the company that pays the highest. Because when you look at a 10-year horizon, you would find that you lost out if you just go for the highest starting pay, he added.

Governor of Tamil Nadu R N Ravi, laid the foundation stone for the New Campus of Bharathidasan Institute of Management (BIM), Tiruchirappalli. The new campus, located on the Trichy-Pudukottai Highway, will be built over 18 acres of land and will have about 3.4 lakh sq ft of built-up area.

State-of-the-art campus

“We have started the work on a new state-of-the-art campus and are confident of making it operational by 2025. This will be built on BIM’s resources, alums’ and industry support. The new campus will be a catalyst for our new phase of growth,” said Ravi Appasamy, Chairman, of the Board of Governors, Bharathidasan Institute of Management.

“BIM will be globally known for its unique programme architecture targeted at Gen Z. We will be at par with the tier 1 B Schools regarding new technology applications and sustainable development,” said Asit K Barma, Director, Bharathidasan Institute of Management.