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Monday, December 31, 2001





Book Review

Effective E-mail Communication
This benchmark volume presents a major retrospective and prospective overview of strategic management. Divided into four parts, the book includes historical overviews of the major strands and addresses the central problems and approaches that have charac terised them.

Handbook of Strategy and Management
Offering practical advice on all essential aspects of e-mail, the book aims to establish some rules of the road in e-mail communication, by providing guidelines on common courtesy online, basic rules of netiquette, composing effective messages, appropria te language, style and structure, the problems and potential of e-mail and managing ones e-mail.

Catching the rural eye
Advertising in Rural India Language, Marketing Communication and Consumerism

Farm perspectives
At a time when the Agreement on Agriculture (AoA) of the World Trade Organisation is under mandated review with member countries putting forth proposals for freeing trade in agriculture for the overall benefit of the developing countries, still dominantl y dependent on farm sector, the book under review by an agricultural economist is an apposite bid to make the lay public understand the issues involved in proper perspective. The book neatly addresses the two important components in the farm front - exte rnal and domestic.

Consumer Notes

Cheap, but is it good?
Even as the Indian consumer rushes to buy imported products flooding the market, he needs to read the fine print.

It's a funworld
When life gets dreary, turn to your CFO! No, not your chief financial officer, but your chief fun officer.

Changing with the times
The year ends with a global slowdown. Companies across the world are downsizing or closing down. What will it take to survive the first six months of 2002?

A tale of two curves
Everything that is born reaches a peak before the decline. But organisations do have the option to renew themselves and thereby avoid the inevitable decline. Here is how.

Save people some trouble
The write-up captioned Strikes and Responsibility (December 3) was thought provoking. An unbiased approach and analysis of the issues involved has been honestly attempted, keeping in mind the overall interest and prime concern of the community at large.

In search of excellence?
This is in response to your article, In Search of excellence (November 26). While it is extremely easy to say that the present generation are not as intellectually motivated as the previous lot, the present lot is a product of the system created by these very seniors.

Food & Dairy Products

Taste what the royals ate
A palace named after a monarch as refined and well versed in the arts as Maharaja Lall Singh of Bikaner could'nt but be aesthetically imposing. The Lailgarh Palace, built by Maharaja Ganga Singh in 1902, in the memory of his father is a masterpiece of re d sandstone with some of the most intricate filigree work seen anywhere in Rajasthan.


It's play time again
As the hit single blasts away in the background, Anish Vishal quickly ducks the bullet that whizzes past him. No, the 16-year-old is not caught in gunfire but is playing Quake II at an arcade in Delhis posh South Extension market. And he is not alone. St anding next to him is 15-year-old Sunny Sastri who is fulfilling his dream of becoming a pilot. He is trying out his hand at a flight simulation game that gives him the feel of the real thing.

A welcome spell
The unseasonal rains that have been lashing Chennai may have brought succour to dry lands and parched throats, but there are still some who rue Natures caprice. Come December, the city goes crazy with 2,000-odd music concerts packed in a space of 15 days , across some 20 sabhas. A slice of the citys population, complemented by NRIs who dash down to Chennai during the month like homing pigeons, settle down for a fortnights soaking in Carnatic music. But this time around, their soaking proclivities have ad ditional support from the torrential rains.

Travel & Places

At Santa's snowy playground
Viewed from the air, it resembles a giant park with open spaces and clumps of vegetation neatly arranged. Adding to the setting are fallen leaves forming a huge golden carpet. At ground level it is nature at its most abundant, and most beautiful.

Back to nature
Stressed out? Take a break and unwind yourself in a quiet, serene and idyllic hill station. Pachmarhi could be your answer. Originally Panchmarhi, this is a small town set amidst the Satpura mountain ranges of Madhya Pradesh. Pachmarhi, a peaceful hill s tation, stands at an altitude of 1,067 metres. Its landscape is very picturesque and is characterised by rugged hills, intense forests and deep ravines.

Dazzling Hong Kong
If one had to describe Hong Kong in one word, it would be dazzling. And even more so with the island currently showcasing its festival of lights Hong Kong Lights Up! Today and again on Chinese New Year, in the same way as it was done at the inauguration on December 8 and on Christmas Day, all Hong Kongs stately sky scrapers will be aglow with neon signs, graphics, Santas, greetings etc. to beckon visitors to experience the welcoming spirit of the island. Besides, a spectacular pyrotechnic effects and s earchlight show at Victoria Harbour will leave no scope to be anything but dazzled.

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