Google started rolling out a new discovery tool for Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides to help users find commonly used tools and features, as per latest company report.

Until now, all these three platforms had functions and features scattered all over, and took time to navigate.

After one creates a new file, one will get action suggestions for a new document, spreadsheet, or presentation, such as page setup, dropdown, meeting notes in Google Docs, insert rows/columns, merge cells, and freeze rows/columns in Google Sheets, and page setup, spell check, edit theme in Google Slides.

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The new tool-finder aim to help users quickly locate relevant features or functionality using their own words. For example, if one types ‘Who last viewed this document’, the Activity dashboard will surface.

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Prior to the introduction of the discovery tool by Google, features were found by navigating to Help > Search the menus. Now, that will redirect to the enhanced tool finder. After a few days, the redirect will be removed and the tool finder will live permanently in the toolbar.

Google said that it will take some time for the tool to roll out for everyone.

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