Microsoft’s AI-powered Bing chatbot now lets users choose different tones for responses. According to a report by The Verge, the new update lets the new Bing’s users choose between creative, balanaced, and precise responses.

The first mode delivers “original and imaginative reponses,” while the precise mode ensures accuracy through concise answers, as per the report. The balanced mode, which is the default setting, aims to offer a blend of the two.

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A preview of the three response modes

A preview of the three response modes

Microsoft recently fixed the chatbot’s “unresponsive” tendencies in answers, which was a result of restrictions imposed to avoid rude responses seen by users, accoring to The Verge.

Head of web services at Microsoft, Mikhail Parakhin, tweeted recently that this update includes reduction in cases where Bing refuses to reply “for no apparent reason,” and a reduction in instances of “hallucination in answers.”

Recently, Microsoft updated Windows 11 and added the AI-powered Bing search to the taskbar. It has also integrated it in Skype and mobile phones.

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