Streaming platform Netflix plans to crack down on password sharing from early 2023 to encourage account-sharing viewers to sign up for new accounts. As per reports, Netflix said nearly 100 million viewers use the service through passwords borrowed from family and friends.

Although it is uncertain how Netflix will combat the widespread practice, the platform has made the rules clear. As stated in Netflix’s Help Center, accounts can only be shared by those in the same household. When a device outside of a user’s house signs into the account or uses it persistently, the account holder will be asked to verify that device. Alternatively, the account holder can switch their Netflix household.

In November, the streaming platform introduced a new feature called ‘manage access and devices’ in account settings. This lets users track the latest devices that have streamed from an account and allows them to log out from specific devices with a click. 

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To ease the transition from account sharing to creating new accounts, Netflix is undertaking certain measures, including rolling out a low-cost, ad-supported plan in a few countries. Another feature it offers is the “Transfer Profile to a New Account” option, which helps transfer users’ personalised recommendations, viewing history, My List, saved games, and other preferences to a new account when they start their membership with Netflix.

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