Elon Musk announced Twitter to share ad revenue with creators for ads that feature in their reply threads. The ability is only available for Twitter Blue subscribers. Twitter Blue subscription will cost $11 per month for Android users. “To be eligible, the account must be a subscriber to Twitter Blue Verified,” Musk tweeted.

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The microblogging platform also plans to serve ads in replies, increasing sponsored content. In recent years, the platform introduced various features, including Super Follows, Ticketed Spaces and a monetization dashboard, for creators to earn money.

Advantages of Twitter Blue include the ability to upload longer, higher-quality videos, and view counts to tweets. This comes after users raised concerns about Twitter’s stability. A TechCrunch report said that some people, including Musk, have temporarily put their accounts on private to see if that boosts engagement. Some Android users said that they are unable to DM individuals.

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