WhatsApp announces one of its unique upcoming feature - Avatar. As per the blog post on Wabetainfo, WhatsApp avatar can be used as chat stickers and video call mask.

Earlier, WhatsApp had tweaked about the availability of avatars on the platform but did not say much about it until now. In the latest blogpost, the company shared a screenshot about the usage of avatar feature in chats and video calls.

WhatsApp avatar feature used on video call and chats.

WhatsApp avatar feature used on video call and chats. | Photo Credit: -

WhatsApp will automatically create avatar sticker packs based on the configured avatar within WhatsApp Settings and users can send them across groups or individual chats. In addition, users can also make it fun by setting avatar as their profile picture.

WhatsApp’s avatar feature is still under development, so there is not exact release date out officially. The blog post stated that WhatsApp is rolling out avatar feature for version via the Google Play Beta Program.