Inspired by the design of Mercedes Benz Vision Avtr, a Hyderabad-based start-up has built a non-invasive glucometer called EYVA, which can give 6 body vitals readings following a 60 seconds touch by the user.  

Priced at ₹16,650 in India, the gadget comes along with a free app providing daily, weekly, and monthly trends on the person’s lifestyle. It allows 4 users to monitor their vitals on the same device. The software subscription is being offered for free and the user only has to bear the one-time product cost.



Talking about the user experience of the device, Sunil Maddikatla, Founder and CEO, BlueSemi, said, “We wanted to make understanding your body just like how you open apps like Instagram or WhatsApp. We wanted to keep it that simple and thus, the idea of simple 60 seconds touch.”

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He added that EYVA is heavily driven by AI and is able to give users a meaningful insight into their vitals. If the user’s vitals are bad, the corresponding EYVA app is able to give the user an idea about how bad it is and what can they do in the next 20-30 minutes to bring the vitals back to normal. 

“It is much more than just a glucometer, it’s more of an overall health and wellness gadget that understands six different vitals of your body that are very critical for you and are purely dependent on your lifestyle,” said Maddikatla.

The six vitals covered by EYVA include blood glucose (no prick/ no blood), HbA1c, ECG, blood pressure, SPo2, and heart rate.  Eyva has already been shipped to 26 states in India as a part of its introductory beta launch in 2022 and flash sale on its website earlier this month. 

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Maddikatla said that the company is working on increasing product production and will then partner with e-commerce marketplaces for the sale as well. Maddikatla said that EYVA has a 90 per cent accuracy rate and has already gone through clinical trials.

“We follow ISO 15197 standards, which is a base for every certification in the world. Certifications are not important for EYVA because we are not giving users any medical advice. However, we still plan to take the certification route,” he added. Bluesemi has a capital commitment of $69 million GEM Global.