Spotify has rolled out a redesign for its app’s home screen, in what it calls its “biggest evolution yet.” Post the unveil at its Stream On 2023 event, the music streaming major also put out a blog post outlining the major changes.

To enable users’ discovery of new music and artists, Spotify’s home screen will now resemble the feeds of Tik Tok and Instagram, with elements such as autoplaying video podcasts, and photos with playlist recommendations, as per a report by the Verge.

Spotify’s new homescreen design

Spotify’s new homescreen design

Spotify stated in its post that these auto-playing elements will allow users to explore visual and audio previews of personalised playlists, albums, podcast episodes, and audiobooks. These can be tapped on to save and shared, or listeners can delve deeper into them to see more.

The music app also announced new feeds for discovery in the Search section. Short Canvas clips from recommended tracks will be displayed, with an option to easily save them. “You can also explore related genres using the hashtags within the feed for easy discovery of new favorites,” it added.

Autoplay for Podcasts, and ‘Smart Shuffle’ are also new features to look forward to, in addition to the previously announced AI DJ, according to Spotify.

Elements such as favourites, shortcuts, and recently played will still remain on the top of the Home feed, the post added.