Google is planning to launch a security feature protecting users from malicious and suspicious HTTP downloads. The browser alerts users in the address bar on Android devices while visiting any HTTP website that it is not secure.

According to 9to5Google, the tech giant is planning to launch the security feature, which will eventually block any insecure downloads while accessing HTTP websites.

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Google recently created a toggle feature under settings to ‘always use secure connections.’ Once enabled, the browser would attempt to upgrade to the HTTPS version. As per reports, if the secure version or HTTPS version of a site is not available, Chrome will display an on-screen warning asking users if they would like to continue. Also, if an HTTPS website redirects users to an insecure HTTP server to download files, Chrome will prevent users from downloading the file.

These features are in the development stage and is expected to arrive with the launch of Chrome 111 in March 2023.

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