Microsoft recently sacked 10,000 employees, including Indian staff in the US. The company’s third round of layoffs has impacted employees in the roles of the supply chain, artificial intelligence, and the internet of things (IoT).

Affected by the layoffs, a former Senior Product Manager at Microsoft, Vandan Kaushik, shared his experience and his journey at the company on LinkedIn.

“Like many of my colleagues, me and my team had a tough start to the week,” Kaushik wrote.

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He added that his entire team was eliminated as part of the layoffs.

Noting that his eight years at Microsoft has come to an abrupt end, Kaushik added his worklife has been extremely rewarding.

“I have had the opportunity to experience multiple positions, from launching new ad types on Bing! to supporting international customers on Azure, launching a new language for our customers in Indonesia, thereby supporting a new market altogether,” Kaushik said.

“I got the opportunity to work on multiple challenging domains and have grown both professionally and personally. I cannot express how much love and gratitude I feel for being part of this company,” he added. Kaushik is now open for a new job as the technical product owner.

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