YouTube, has removed over 17 lakh videos between July to September this year in India for violation of the company’s community guidelines, the Google-owned company said.

According to the YouTube Community Guidelines Enforcement report for the third quarter of 2022, the platform has removed over 56 lakh videos globally for violating community guidelines.

“Of the videos detected by machines, 36 per cent were removed before they received a single view, and 31 per cent received between 1 and 10 views before removal,” the report said.

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In addition, YouTube removed over 73.7 crore comments from the platform. According to the data, 99 per cent of the comments were removed after they were flagged by its automated system and the other 1 per cent were removed after they were flagged by its users.

“We enforce our policies using a combination of machine learning and human reviewers. In addition to our automated flagging systems, Trusted Flaggers and our broader community of users play an important role in flagging content,” YouTube said.

According to reports, the company cancelled more than 50 lakh channels worldwide in the third quarter of 2022 for carrying misleading metadata, thumbnails, scams, videos, and spam comments. 

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