Mr K. Shyamsundar, Consultant, Risk Practice, TCS
Mr K. Shyamsundar, Consultant, Risk Practice, TCS

Common issues in risk practice

We have accepted for quite some time that change is the only constant, and now ‘uncertainty’ als... »

Comprehensive coverage

The Applied Direct Taxation paper of Cost Accountancy Examination held on the 14th instant is in... »

Challenges of a depreciating rupee

Abhilash Gupta is an exporter of yarn and he has reasons to be extremely delighted these days in... »      2 comments

New Manager

Why B-schools need to go social

Social media has pervaded our lives. It’s time it is recognised as a formidable tool for student engagement
The Indian School of Business (ISB), at the time of writing this article, boasts 50,835 ‘like... »



Return of the ULIP

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, ULIPs are all fired up after the recent market rally. But do check the long-term track record too before rushing to buy them
After a barrage of bad news over the years, investors in Unit-Linked Insurance Plans (UL... »

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