Spotify has announced an upgrade to its desktop app after revamping its mobile app with a new ‘deep discover’ experience. The music streaming platform has announced the launch of a new “your library” sidebar on its desktop app and web player.

Earlier in April, the company announced the closure of its live audio app.

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“The new Your Library sidebar improves the collection and retrieval of all types of content, bringing new features to the desktop that you are already familiar with in the mobile app,” Spotify wrote in its blog post. The sidebar has become more customisable, the company added.

It will let users access all content from the Spotify library, including artists, playlists, podcasts, and albums. It has flexible resizing, users can hover over and click on the right edge of the sidebar to drag it to a preferred width. Users can also fully expand the sidebar by clicking on the ‘your library’ heading to see only art covers. Users can also pin their favourites — up to four playlists, folders, artists, albums and podcasts.

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