Carry better music in your pocket

Kishore Bhargava

Grab a set of good headphones and this little player for high resolution audio »

Forget wristables, companies are setting their sights on smart shoes

Mala Bhargava

Smartwatches weren't quite game changers, so will connected footwear fare any better? »

Wearables market up 3.1% in Q3


Global wearables market grew 3.1 per cent in the July-September quarter over the same period last y... »

Hi-tech disappointments

Samsung Note 7

Samsung Note 7Exploded on the sceneThe Galaxy Note 7 would have been right at the top of any best ga... »

Nikon D3400: The compact DSLR for beginners

Kishore Bhargava

Everyone isn’t won over by mobile photography. In fact, having tasted it on today’s top smartphones,... »

Misfit Shine 2: Lights will guide your daily exercise

Wristy reference: Though the Shine 2 doesn’t have a display, it lights up to indicate progress - Photo: Bijoy Ghosh

Mirza Mohammed Ali Khan

Works accurately and is versatile, but is let down by looks and price »

We pick out some cool wireless external hard drives to get you a bit less tangled! »

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